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    Ticketing & Access Control


    CXJ RFID Ticketing Solution for public events such as concerts festivals and sport events is a proven successful RFID application. It considerately speeds up the ticketing process ensures public security and facilitates event management.

    RFID ticket issue & sale system
    Check-in & surveillance system
    Visitor information system
    Statistics & analysis system
    Maintenance system
    On-line register system

    Enable comprehensive real-time monitoring and management
    Eliminate ticket counterfeiting and fare evasion
    Provide statistics information of public events
    Enhance customer satisfaction
    Maximize return on investment (ROI)

    With the development of RFID technologies CXJ ticketing systems based on RFID technology are offering promising benefits over legacy ticketing systems including:
    Security – RFID technology presents a fare medium that is more difficult to counterfeit reducing fare abuse such as fare evasion and counterfeiting of media.
    Reliability –RFID ticking features minimal system malfunctions and a high degree of accuracy in accounting for fares paid. RFID cards/tickets and fixed readers from CXJ are able to operate in noise vibration demanding electrical environment.
    Convenience – Contactless RFID cards/tickets offer great convenience to the user. The cards/tickets can even remain in the users' purses pockets or wallets.