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    500vip彩票安卓手机版 > Solution > RFID Tags On Containers

    RFID Tags On Containers

                                                         RFID tags on containers

    RFID has emerged as an idealtechnology for container yard applications.
    RFID tags on containers are capable of storinglarge amounts of information about manufacturing logistics maintenanceschedules etc.  
    By deploying networks of RFID antennas and tagsand utilizing a dedicated software system, companies are able to bringreal-time visibility to containers.

    RFID card dispenser
    Fixed reader
    Container tag
    Vehicle mount reader
    Access control system
    Automatic yard management system
    Center control system.

    Automatic gate check in and check out to speedup process
    Verify container ID trailer license number operator time for securecontrol
    Automatic identification of containers during put-away and pickup
    Accurate 3D position of each container
    Wireless communication without infrastructure investment
    Increase operational efficiencies of yard management of incoming andoutgoing trucks/freight
    Control costs of manual tracking and management of trucks and freight
    Improve efficiencies in yard management processes – eliminatingprevious time-consuming labor-intensive counts

    Efficiency and accuracy
    The RFID yard management system automates the key process eliminatingpaper work and keypunch errors increasing efficiency and accuracy and reducinglabor.
    Real-time Inventory Visibility 
    The access to real-time yard inventory information ensures the bestutilization of space
    Easy Operation and Better Management
    The accurate information the yard check can be reduced or eliminated.