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    NTAG 213 FPC Mini NFC StickerNTAG 213 FPC Mini NFC StickerNTAG 213 FPC Mini NFC Sticker

    NTAG 213 FPC Mini NFC Sticker

    • Product Name: FPC micro nfc sticker
    • Size: 5*5mm, 8.7*8.7mm, round 9mm, 10*17mm, 8*15mm, 7.7*14.88mm, 8*14mm, 8*18.5mm, etc or customized
    • Avaliable Chip: NXP mifare ultralight ev1, NXP NTAG 213/215/216
    • Antenna: etching copper
    • Frequency: 13.65Mhz
    • Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces
    • Sample: Free Sample for testing
    • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    • 500vip彩票安卓手机版 Brand: Chuangxinjia
    FPC mini nfc sticker can be used for small size products, such as RFID wristband, NFC rings, toys electronic tags, cameras, drugs and other security labels.

    Advantage of fpc mini nfc sticker:
    1. Antenna process: the traditional etching aluminum antenna due to its material properties, can not make smaller antenna, compared to the copper material properties, copper ismore stable, corrosion-resistant, you500vip彩票安卓手机版 can create a more stable frequency, smaller size of the antenna.

    2. Bonding process: The stability of the COB process is validated over a long period of time. Can be used in different harsh environments, to meet the late different forms ofpackaging types.

    Basic info:
     Avaliable Chip  NXP mifare ultralight ev1, NXP NTAG 213/215/216
     Frequency  13.65Mhz
     Protocol:  ISO 14443 A
     Size:  5*5mm, round 9mm, etc, very small size
     Material  pet
     Reading times  100,000 times
     Retention:  10 years
     Antenna  etching copper
     Date format  according to the nfc
     Reading distance  1-2CM (depanding on antenna geometry and reader)
     Encoding  url, text, personal info, serial numbers, etc
     Package  neutral package in piece
     Application  mainly embedded into some products
     500vip彩票安卓手机版 brand  cxj

    Product Show:
    fpc mini nfc sticker
    fpc mini nfc sticker

    fpc mini nfc sticker

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