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    500vip彩票安卓手机版 > Products > RFID Tag > RFID Tag/Sticker/Label > ISO18000-6C GEN2 & ISO/ICE1444.....
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    ISO18000-6C GEN2 & ISO/ICE14443A Dual Frequency EM4423 RFID tagISO18000-6C GEN2 & ISO/ICE14443A Dual Frequency EM4423 RFID tagISO18000-6C GEN2 & ISO/ICE14443A Dual Frequency EM4423 RFID tagISO18000-6C GEN2 & ISO/ICE14443A Dual Frequency EM4423 RFID tag

    ISO18000-6C GEN2 & ISO/ICE14443A Dual Frequency EM4423 RFID tag

    • 500vip彩票安卓手机版 Brand: Chuang Xin Jia
    • Material: PVC/PET/Paper
    • Size: custom
    • Chip: EM4423
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pieces
    • Sample: Free samples are available upon request
    Swatch Group's semiconductor company EM microelectronics releases World's First RFID Chip EM4423 with UHF EPC Gen2V2 RF and NFC Type 2 Interface. EM4423 fully supports EPC features, it is ideal for retail logistics and inventory control of manufacturers / brands, and also can achieve marketing communication and advertising between the consumers, achieve product-level control to merchandise.

    The chip has a common rewritable memory area that supports UID and privacy protection. The EM4423 also simplifies EPC storage control programs to reduce the investment of small retailers in professional RFID devices and software. These similar features can be manipulated by using a mobile device, such as a smartphone and tablet with an app.

    As a single-chip NFC / EPC solution with storage, the EM4423 has the following unique and valuable performance:

    World's First Dual Frequency EPC&NFC Tag IC
    one step EPC and NFC inlay manufacturing
    shared memory
    common UID

    EPC for Production and logistics
    First Gen2v2 IC
    Data privacy
    128-bit or 224-bit UII/EPC versions
    Fast encoding
    Bulk reading of NFC tap counter

    NFC for 1:1 Retailing and after market
    Product interaction
    Product authencity
    NFC tap counter
    1920-bit user memory

     Item:  ISO18000-6C GEN2 & ISO/ICE14443A Dual Frequency EM4423 RFID tag
     Material:   PVC/PET/Paper
     Size:  25mm diameter, 35*35mm, 50*50mm, 27*42mm, 85*54mm and as requested
     Chip:  EM4423
     Craft:  serial number printing, barcode  printing, logo printing, laser number printing, data encode etc.
     Package:  100 pieces/Bag, 10 Bags/Box, 20 Boxes/Carton
     Lead time:  5-7 days base on quantity
     Shipping way:  by express(DHL,FEDEX), by air, by sea
     Price term:  by EXW(shenzhen),FOB(shenzhen),CIF,CNF etc.
     Pay term:  by TT, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc
     Minimum Order Quantity:  1000 pieces
     Sample requested:  Free sample for testing and shipping cost collection by customer

    Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Tech Co.,Ltd.


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