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    Industry News

    • Release on 2019-12-31
      Since November 2001, the world-renowned Italian clothing brand Prada Advanced Clothing Group has installed RFID tags on clothing, which records the style, size, color and other details and price information of clothing. Whenever a customer wears Prada clothes passing through their store, the RFID system controls the store to display a picture of a model showing the same clothes on the T stage in Milan. This application of RFID has greatly enhanced consumers' sense of accomplishment after purchasing Prada products.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-30
      At the same time as the rapid development of RFID, people have also raised some concerns about the hidden dangers of electronic tags, which also makes "security" a major focus of RFID in the future. "Security issues" have promoted the development of RFID tag antennas, and RF1D tag antennas have diversified development directions.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-27
      With the automatic identification of the student's safety message system, parents can not only get the time information of the child's arrival and departure in time, parents can know the child's attendance at the first time, and effectively cooperate with the school to provide guidance and education to the child; the school can be more effective The management of students and close communication with parents, so as to improve the overall level of teaching management, and also lay the foundation for subsequent campus information management.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-23
      Today's retail industry has once again entered the "face-changing" era! How can retailers make smarter and faster decisions based on real-time information on products in distribution centers, storerooms, shelves and fitting rooms? Can it bring customers a better experience with a higher "face value"?Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-19
      The era of the Internet of Things is constantly developing. In the future, wireless technology that will help everything to communicate with each other is expected to usher in greater demand. such as radio frequency identification systems (RFID) that have been around for many years, but there are still many problems in the RFID field. In this case, in order to better understand RFID, it is necessary to re-understand RFID.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-18
      Jewelry is a valuable item. Both jewelry merchants and jewelry users have a strong awareness of protecting jewelry. Especially for jewelry merchants, many jewelry need to rely on certain technologies to achieve secure management. The jewelry management system better realizes the management of jewelry safety.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-16
      The contribution of RFID in traceability and anti-counterfeiting is very large. The unique encoding of RFID tags makes security anti-counterfeiting a major feature. RFID vegetable supply chain technology creates a green life and makes vegetables more secure. RFID traceability anti-counterfeiting technology enables people to build a bridge of mutual trust with food safety.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-13
      At the construction site, in addition to retaining the building, there are buildings leased for temporary use. Companies that provide these leased building components to these sites are also working to provide more secure products.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-13
      RFID technology has been widely used in the Internet of Things. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and obtains related data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not require manual intervention.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-12
      "Dibao" is an artificial intelligence robot invested and developed by Decathlon, which is applied to offline shopping malls. By carrying RFID and artificial intelligence, it can realize automatic inventory of all categories of products.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-11
      In order to improve the efficiency and quality of the dishwashing system, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has cooperated with the catering company to develop a logistics monitoring system that uses radio frequency identification technology (RFID). In addition to RFID, the system also applies Internet of Things technology, cloud computing Constructed from multiple technologies.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-09
      Attempts on RFID clothing tag applications and touch displays have not only provided consumers with the most professional clothing combination, but have also played a vital role in promoting clothing.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-06
      The new RFID newborn wristband gives better care to the baby.Most hospitals now wear mother-to-child bracelets at birth, until they are discharged safely.However, because this label is a physical medium, it is easy to be exchanged. Although obstetrics are “highly guarded”, outsiders are generally not allowed to enter, and family visits are subject to control, but various problems will be encountered in actual management.The safety of babies needs further improvement.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-05
      The habit of using tools is an essential difference between humans and animals.Large companies have special tools that are not only numerous and valuable, powerful, but inconvenient to carry, and extremely easy to lose, miss and cause serious losses to the company. A glance at the white bar code in the middle is actually an RFID tag, which is a representative of the application of the Internet of Things thinking.Read More>>
    • Release on 2019-12-03
      RFID pig ear tag provided by chuangxinjia company, the drop rate is much lower than other products in the market. It's waterproof. Large-size laser coding on RFID ear tags, it is very easy to identify, can be reused, and reduce costs. With RFID handheld, it can identify distances above 30cm, achieving low power consumption, high sensitivity, continuous card reading.Read More>>