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    Development History

    Development history of chuangxinjia

    Development history of chuangxinjia

    Chuangxinjia founded in the early is a small PVC card manufacture factory, Didn't have our own market.

    Factory orders mainly comes from agents throughout the country, all the orders has situation of low unit price, profit thin, and collection difficult.

    As the supreme leader of enterprise management, the first thing to consider is how to positioning of the enterprise management pattern.

    Chuangxinjia must be have our own sales team! It is imperative to change the company's existing marketing pattern.

    Chuangxinjia into the e-commerce industry since 2008. At the start, we have only 4-5 staffs in market. And after all staffs pay their efforts and struggle, we had about more than 240 sales staffs so far.

    0ur headquarters office expanded from original 300 square meters to 3000 square meters now, the high-end office building is located in Longhua central district(Datang Times Square), its factory belongs to the Yingtailong industrial park,covers an area of 12000 square meters. The company also successfully improved corporate culture and business etiquette system.

    We are not the business enterprises for only selling our own products, we are also help and influence small business enterprises grow. Chuangxinjia will strive to establish an
    industrial mode with large factory, big market and R&D, specialized in IOT technology and RFID technological development.

    At the same time, our company continuously to give back to society, has been committed to public welfare construction, to build the hope primary school for the students in Zhanjiang, donation for 500vip彩票安卓手机版town to build the water tower, activity help the rural of Zhanjiang to proceed modernization construction. And we got the highly recognition and evaluation from 500vip彩票安卓手机版town people and social, played an exemplary role.